Long Awaited Start

I’ve been wanting to start my own blog for a while now, but things were hectic for just as long. Now that I finally start to settle in somewhat, I thought it would be great to just follow my heart’s desire, especially since I’m making a new life. This is basically a birthday gift for myself, something that would keep me going for when I get discouraged (which happens more often the older I get), and also serve as a place where I can show how much of a fangirl I am, haha.

As an introduction, let’s start with my basic information: I am a woman of 29 years, dreaming and fangirling for at least 19 years now; being a picky gamer with hermit tendency I sometimes get so absorbed in games, movies, or stories that I disappeared of the face of the Earth for months on end, and I’m fortunate that my friends are the understanding types. There are very few that I talk on daily basics, and I really appreciate the ones that do, because they are my true, loyal friends, and they are the ones that encourage me to be myself.

When I do goes out into the world after my hermit period, I found it to be a place of fascination and a source of pain – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. The world is beautiful, and sometimes it feels chaotic, and as any main character in a game/book/movie does, I want to try making it better. Or at least I want to XD There’s so much I do not know, and every time I come out of my shell, the gap of my education seems to be more obvious. I wanted to learn, I want to see the world more, so I packed my bag and headed for Warsaw, Poland, the HQ of my favorite game developer: CD Projekt Red, the maker of the great game series The Witcher. I have not had the courage to visit their HQ yet, but I’m happy to at least be in the same city XD

I have been running crazy trying to settle in the new living condition, new city, and getting used to a place where English speakers are limited. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying, and I’m starting to see myself differently, learning new things from both the outside world and my inner sanctum. New city, new life, right? I want to start to open up, share myself and show myself what my experiences, and hopefully I can start showing the fruit of my efforts so far.

So here’s to the start of Fan Girl Tendencies, may you enjoy the world through my point of views.