The secret of success

With how social media are so widespread today, how the internet is easily accessible worldwide, it’s so easy to search for information, and with it, the ease of being targeted by salespeople. Most advertisements about goods and products can be filtered out, but it’s harder to do so when it is about your psychology that is being targeted. I’ve been scrolling through my FB and Instagram feeds, and since I do follow some motivational coach, my ads are displaying people I ‘might like to watch’, and they might give good advice, say something that seems contradict to common sense, or even engage my curiosity through little challenges that supposedly ‘help’ with my personal goal, they might even claim that motivational coaching wouldn’t actually work, but the end message is always the same:

“You will be successful if you buy my product.”


Look at all these statements made by them:

Consulting with Sam Ovens

Rich Dad Poor Dad with Robert Kiyosaki

Charisma on Command with Charlie

It’s always the same, they claim that they can help you live your dream, that the ‘secrets’ they have found will make you a lot of money, and when you see the video or read the free book, they would wind things around, making it looks like they know what they’re doing, but the problem is that they would never come out and say what the ‘secret’ is, that they would tell you personal story while promoting their ‘best selling’ books and urge you to subscribe to their workshops.

When you do pay them to see what they’re talking about, they usually claim that their success is because of XYZ and that by following their example, you will be successful too. The problem with that is that’s not how it works – that’s not how the universe works. There is no such thing as ‘one size fit all’, ever, even the ‘one size fit all’ stockings doesn’t fit everyone, so why would one person’s way of doing things fit/work for everyone?????

No two things are ever the same in the whole universe, even identical twins have differences. You don’t expect a duckling to roost like a chicken, you don’t expect an elephant to grow fur like the polar bear, so why do you expect your life should be the same as another person?

Sure, what they’re claiming sounds good. ‘You don’t need to work hard to achieve success, you only need to do XYZ like I told you to,” pretty much is just a sales pitch, and shouldn’t be taken literally. What they’re expecting you to do, is to buy their book, subscribe to their workshops, and generally give them your money so that they can continue to be ‘successful’. They’re not there for you, they’re there for themselves.

And even if you think you have found a good coach/mentor/teacher, what works for them might not work for you. Actually, if you have the good fortune to meet a coach/mentor/teacher that really care for you, they would have told you this. They would have help you to find your own way, to find what works for YOU.

The secret of success is that only YOU can unlock your success, no one else. Only you can walk the path you need to walk; only you can learn what works for you; only you can live your life the way you want to. No one is as invested in yourself as you do, so please, do not purchase that ‘millionaire’s secret’ thinking it would get you to the same place as the person you’re looking at; please don’t subscribe to those workshops if you think it would be the ‘miracle’ you’re expecting. You can if you want to, but just know that what they’re selling you is part of their ploy, that their success is based on how many people will give them money. It’s not real, and their so-called ‘success’ would crumble when more people realize this truth.

You were born to be you, there is no one else that can be you, no one else has experienced the things you have, no one else sees the world the way you do, so your success can only be found by YOU!

To sum it up, the secret to success, any kind of success, is YOU.